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The National Association of Medical Communicators is an organization dedicated those of us in the healthcare profession who want to provide reliable information to the public, no matter what the venue.

We are composed of medical broadcasters, writers, and webcasters as well as organizational spokespersons. We even have a large contingent of members who have frequent public speaking engagements who simply want to improve their delivery.  In general, it is safe to say NAMC has an all-inclusive mindset!

NAMC has been around for more than 30 years. Medical broadcasting pioneers such as Dr. Art Ulene of NBC's Today show and Dr. Timothy Johnson of ABC news are just a few of the influential broadcasters who have helped shape our organization. Even today, we can claim the best in the business when it comes to media coaches, writing/editing trainers, and public relations experts.

The cornerstone of the NAMC experience is the annual Medical Communications Conference held annually by the American Medical Association in various venues throughout the country. The roles of NAMC and the AMA are very closely intertwined throughout the conference, as many of our members serve as course faculty. The convention is one of the most cost-efficient training venues in existence, where one can receive instruction from top-flight teachers for a mere fraction of the cost of private sessions! Another valuable aspect of the convention is the opportunity to network and form friendships with colleagues who share your interests. Many very successful collaborative projects have come out of the meetings over the years!

In the past, there has been a reluctance by health professionals to be proactive with the media. Now more than ever in today's "wild wild west" of media sources, it is critically important for the public (or our patients!) to receive accurate information from professionals they trust. NAMC is your resource to help you communicate in a friendly, polished and professional manner. Remember, if YOU don't lead the way, someone else will! Join us today! It will be the best career investment you'll ever make.

Join us today!  

It will be the best career investment you'll ever make. 

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